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About Us


Above the influence

Our mission

In a time where the media is losing its control over our decisions, we, as consumers and fashionistas, are able to choose who we are influenced by and who we let into our world by deciding who we follow for fashion and lifestyle tips. 

Whether you stay up to date on your favorite influencers through their blog, social feed or Youtube page, we are creating a one stop shop for you to get more of what you love from what we like to call, our “Sugarhigh Babes.” We hand pick our Sugarhigh Babes to motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. You can shop the Sugarhigh Babes entire look without spending your rent check on the latest fashion trends.

We are not here to just sell trendy fashion pieces, we are here to showcase empowerment and positivity, while encouraging you to push the limit and bridge the gap of unattainable to achievable. We are here to make sure you are always lookin’ good while living out your best life story.

Who is Sugarhigh?

From the unforgettable words of Summer 2010’s anthem. . .

“California girls, we’re undeniable. . . fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock.”

We are an Orange County based clothing line ran by California girls who love nothing more than the ocean waves, sun kissed skin, and west coast culture. Our dream is to embody our love of fashion and make it attainable for every girl everywhere. Our high quality denim and fashion pieces are designed specifically to bring a little sunshine to your wardrobe. Our mission is to create a safe space for finding the on trend styles of every season as well as timeless looks that will never leave your wardrobe. . .even after the season is over.

Who is the Sugarhigh babe, you ask? She is confident, creative, adventurous, intelligent, and sweet. She is the Artist, the Athlete, the Intellectual, the Tomboy, and the Romantic. She uses her wardrobe as a form of self-expression, one day she is a boho goddess, the next a modern minimalist. She is a chameleon, not defined or tied down by a singular style. That’s what makes her so sweet.

Our Dream. . .We want to sprinkle a little California across the whole U.S.



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